Friday, April 25, 2008

Maison Louis Latour - It`s Friday Night!

In the glass tonight is a nice 2006 Louis Latour French Pinot Noir. Delicious.I`m tempted to over indulge but the weather looks promising for a club ride tomorrow so I will resist the temptation to have another glass.

An eventful night hereabouts with the vacant unit next door being "visited" by youths using it as a place to smoke dope. The tenants up and left after ransacking the place and,obviously,gave the keys out to whomever. I`ve been hearing noises lately so tonight I checked both doors and they were locked tight so the kids must have keys.

Hearing noises I stepped out on the back step and scared the bejesus out of four of them as they vacated the unit. I was in the shadows and they didn`t see me until I told them to..."get their arses out of here!" Priceless! Needless to say the police soon showed up as the residents on the other side also heard noises and called the authorities.

Ok......I visited the property manager and strongly suggested they get a locksmith in asap. My concern is one match or lit cigarette could end up resulting in a fire.

OK...nuff said. One last sip of a lovely Pinot Noir then off to bed.Gotta be fresh for the morning and a club ride - weather permitting.

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