Sunday, April 27, 2008

Missed Wolfville Roubaix But Suffered Regardless

Turns out I could have made the (unsanctioned) Wolfville Roubaix race today but was unable to arrange a drive to the Annapolis valley. The unofficial race is about 70 k with half the distance on dirt roads between farmer`s fields. I was clear to ride the event but needed to car pool but there did not appear to be any opportunities.

Thanks to Art and Jose for offering an alternative ride Sunday afternoon that came complete with lots of hills and a full measure of suffering. We headed out towards Fall River then rode through Capiliano(SP?)Estates, a second hilly subdivision further along Beaverbank road then out on Beaverbank itself. The section we rode was part of the notorious "killer loop"

Sweet Mother of God it had to be the toughest section of road I`ve had the pleasure to ride. On the way out it was predominately uphill; steep sections followed by false flats. Ouchie! The way back was mostly descending but the lousy condition of the road mixed with high speed made it a white knuckle ride. Back through Capiliano Estates and more hills ending with a good tempo ride back towards Bedford.

I made it back just as my spouse was heading to work and pulled my gear from the car ands then flopped on the steps to soak up some sun and rehydrate. I can really feel the hills in my legs and lower back. The good thing is I could never have rode that ride in any previous April so my Spring fitness is better than anytime in the past.

Thanks to Art and Jose for their patience. It was alot of fun in a masochistic



Geoff Murray said...

Hey Geo...
I was riding with Troy B. and Dave M. and we saw you guys motoring back toward Bedford. You were looking strong at the front of the group pulling the other two along! We'll have to get out for another ride soon! Once we recover from yesterday that is.
Keep it in the big ring!
Geo II

George said...

Yes indeed!Keep me in the loop if you got any upcoming ride plans....