Saturday, April 19, 2008

Saturday Morning Club Ride,April Sun and Lilacs.

Awoke to a glorious sunny Saturday morning. Headed out for my first Saturday club ride of 2008 and was pleasantly pleased to see we had many riders attend. By the start of the ride we had 4 groups depart on the road. My intentions were to ride with the first fast group but they had 8+ riders already so I opted for the second departing group.

To facilitate the "share the road" philosophy we try and limit group sizes to 8-10 riders so the group does not become to much of an obstacle to local traffic.The second group were no wallflowers and with strong riders Kaarin, Peter, Antar, myself and a couple new members we maintained a respectable tempo.

After the Fall River hill we had Eric join our group out to Laurie Park. A strong rider and all round good guy he certainly added to the capabilities of the group. Facing a head wind on the way out we had the benefit of a tailwind for the return trip. The group was hammering with an average return speed well into the 35-40+ kph range. Everyone was riding well and safe. It was a blast! The overall fitness of most riders certainly weathered the winter season well.

Home for a Guinness and Evian on the back deck in shorts only. Out of the wind the sun was hot on the deck and I actually soaked up some sun. Felt awesome. After picking Chelsea from dance class I decided to do some gardening. I have a Lilac bush that will not flower due to the shade from some overhanging trees. I removed it and transplanted it in the front yard. It will be nice to sit at the bistro table enjoying the beautiful lilacs if it decides to bloom in the full sun of the front yard.

It was a good day. Legs feel pretty good for April. Ended up with 70km and a 30.3 kph average after the(slower)ride home from the shop. Nice!

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Murray Yazer said...

Hey George,

Sounds like a great ride. I got out to do Purcell's Cove in the afternoon for the third time recently. I can feel the legs starting to respond a bit. Feels great to be back on the bike. Hoping to make it out to a club ride soon.