Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bluenoses,Gold Medal Game and "Way To Go Adrien!"

The 2008 Bluenose marathon was this morning and, unlike previous versions, it had almost perfect weather. 8C with sun and cloudy periods. There were a couple rides planned this morning but I opted to cycle downtown and watch the race and grab some photos. There were some BPCC club members, Nubody`s associates and co workers running so I hoped to be able to pick them out of the throngs of runners and get some pictures.

On Gottingen Street I managed to spot BPCCer Adrien(running the 10K race)after having descended from the bridge and managed to get several pics. Adrien running and me pedaling down the sidewalk snapping

Way to go Adrien! Nearing the finish she was running well, looking quite comfortable and even managed a smile when I snapped the photo.Good work!My apologies to any other folks I missed. I was wearing full BPCC kit hoping they would spot me first and did hear my name called a few times but there were just so many runners for me to find everyone.

I gotta tell you that witnessing such a well attended and organized race was nice. If only the cycling community got as much support, participants and publicity. Alas.....I guess running appeals to a much larger Canadian demographic. It`s great to see folk just out participating.

Gold medal world championship hockey game on the television this afternoon between Russia and Canada. Does that get any better? Go Canada!

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