Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father`s Day

Happy friggen father`s day.......(sigh).

No doubt due to my lack of attendance the day was perfect for the 2008 Provincial road race in Riverport. The last couple days the wind was nasty but abaited over night.Good luck to all the competitors. I`ll plan to race Riverport next year (wink).

Perhaps, in hinesite, caring for the kids as my wife was scheduled a day shift today was a good thing. The club ride yesterday was hard,compounded by the gusty crosswinds. On the return to Bedford from Laurie Park I was dropped by the fast group after a pull on the front. I hammered solo a hundred yards off the back for several kilometres but was unable to gain ground on the pack of 6 riders.The winds at this point were mostly a tail/cross wind and I was pushing a big gear around 40kph but a solo rider trying to catch a paceline is difficult.

At one point an unknown rider who was drafting me on the chase assumed the pull which gave me a brief respite. Between that recovery and the lead group slowing for a traffic light I did eventually latch back on the group but was unable to stay in contact. They were all pushing hard and my legs were about toast after facing the headwinds out to Laurie Park and then the pursuit back to the group. I fell back and resigned myself to the solo trip back to the shop. My legs were roasted by the time I got home via the hills of Clayton Park. If anything it was a reminder that I am really not in race shape and that soothed my dismay at missing today`s race in Riverport. Nothing like a sharp dose of reality every now and then to keep an even keel.

That didn`t mean Sunday was a lost training day. After getting Chelsea`s breakfast this morning I did the Gym Duathlon. I ran to Nubody`s, did some compound weight exercises and core work then ran home via the hills of Fairview. Things I know.....I suffer at running hills as much as cycling them. Note to self - win lottery and move to Florida.

The plan was then to spend the afternoon on the deck soaking up the sun but 45 minutes into my sunbathing it clouded over. gave me the opportunity to plant my tomato plants and do some gardening.


camelia said...

hi there, we are doing a project at school which consists on globalization and the different cultures of several countries; so as you re canadian as i see in your profile here i am. i wanted to ask some questions about your country. may i? how do people live in canada? (general society) discrimination? economy? i´ll be glad if you answered me some of this questions in my blog or otherwise tell me some things about your country, which critics will you do to the goverment or some of the sort. sorry for this if bothers. Vest wishes, juli

George said...

Hola Juli;
I saw your posting about your globalization project.
"How do people live in Canada"
Canada is a large country with a diverse ethnic population. As a former colony of Great Britain our government is a parlimentary democracy, our legal systems are based on the British system and our monetary system is based upon the Canadian dollar.

Canada currently has 3 main federal political parties who are responsible for forming the national government.After an election the party that gets the most votes forms the government. The party that comes second becomes the official opposition in the legislature. Political dissent and criticism is legal, accepted and encouraged in Canada. Freedom of speech is one of our most sacred freedoms as long as it is not deemed malicious or discriminatory.

Canada is a bilingual country with two official languages;English and French. The country is divided into 10 provinces and 3 territories. All have their own distinct cultures and characteristics. Our population are descendants of centuries of immigration from nations around the world. As a result Canadians believe in multiculturalism - the acceptance of all cultures as unique and important to the Canadian identity. Canadians accept immigration and welcome emmigrants. There are some issues with discrimination but government at all levels(federal, provincial and municipal) inact legislation to protect all Canadians and their basic freedoms.

Canada is a rich country blessed with an abundance of natural resources. We also have large sectors of manufacturing and industry. Tourism is important as the country offers such a variety of weather,historical sites, cultures and opportunities.

Canadians love sports; hockey, baseball, American style football and basketball are the most popular. Being a nordic country winter sports are also popular; skiing,snowshoeing and ice skating. Soccer is becoming more popular every year. Being a nation blessed with lots of lakes, rivers and bordering 3 oceans we also enjoy water sports.

Most Canadians are liberal in their views of the world. We take pride in being peacekeepers and peacemakers. We believe in international cooperation, the rule of law and the premise that we(the nations of the world) are stronger working together than working apart.

In terms of international trade Canada is part of NAFTA and share most of our trade with the USA and Mexico. We do trade with most of the world, including South America. I can buy Argentinian wines here and Nova Scotia and they are some of my favorites.

I hope this helps answer some of your questions.