Monday, June 23, 2008

Giro De Geo - Day One

The Giro de Geo(first vacation day of 2008)started today with the Prologue.An intense 45 minute spin with my fav Nubody`s spin instructor - CM. The class was awesome with some serious simulated hill climbs.Prior to the class I loosened up with a walk to the gym and immediately started my usual ab/core routine of crunches, Swiss Ball routines, medicine ball and body bar exercises.Finished with two sets of medicine ball pushups. Damn.......they hurt but they feel so good!

Replaced the defunct tv with a new 27 inch flat screen so the family is happy although the pocketbook is begging for mercy. Lord it`s getting hard to make ends meet these days.Everything is increasing with the exception of my paycheck. Can`t help but feeling I`m going backwards.(sigh)

Thanks to LC Chelsea now will have a driveway basketball net. She`s been playing with a basketball for the last couple weeks using a tree limb as a net so our friends gave us the unused one in their driveway. Much appreciated!

The Prologue ends with yours truly typing on the front deck, drinking a glass of Jost`s Comtessa Red,listening to Audioslave`s "Be Yourself" and watching the Nova Scotia fog roll in over the hills of Clayton Park.

"Don`t lose any sleep tonight I`m sure everything will end up yourself is all you can do, be yourself is all that you can do......"

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