Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Giro de Geo - Day Two

Started the day anticipating a "recovery" type ride at 2:30pm. Generally an easier effort without pushing the legs too hard, especially on the hills. Before that I went to disassemble the basketball net for my daughter`s use. What I presumed would be a cut and dry affair turned out to consume most of the day.

Exposed to the elements I had to hacksaw most of the bolts due to rust. This took most of the morning. After lunch I had to deal with the base. Generally they are designed to hold water which can be easily drained off to transport. In this case the base was full of sand and weighed a ton! It would have made quite the Youtube video seeing me trying to manhandle this awkward, heavy piece of gear. I tried every method from my warehousing days but it was obvious one man was not gonna lift this base into any vehicle. I resorted to sawing out a portion of the top and scooping out the sand till it reached a weight that I was capable of lifting.

There are times at the gym when I`m grunting out lower body exercises like squats and deadlifts and question why I bother? Today was why. Managed to complete the task but was "feeling the love" by 2pm. The 2:30pm ride! Damn!

With little time to spare and a stiff back I geared up and was out the door heading to Bedford at 2:10PM.So much for a recovery ride as I time trialed the 10KM to the shop. Averaged 32.6kph and that included the numerous traffic light slowdowns and stops.

Arrived there just as the lads were departing. There was five of us and we did keep the tempo fairly calm.Over the course of the 45km rolling hills loop I averaged just under 30kph. The 10km home was a different story. Riding alone facing a headwind on the Bedford Highway and the climb to Clayton Park I suffered miserably. My lower back had stiffened up from my day`s endeavors and I slogged home. Final stats were 65kms with a 27.6 kph average.

After doing my domestics(grocery shopping, supper, and dishes) I treated myself to a Bud Light on the deck, assembled part of the basketball net and then,despite a full body stiffness I did some gardening! Note to self - discretion is the better part of valor.

A glass of red wine while I post this blog entry then off to bed. Day 3 should entail a hammerfest circuit of the Capaliano Hills with the "fast" boys if the body cooperates. My default ride will be a shorter, but hillier, ride out Purcell`s Cove.

Appropriately I am listening to Moist`s song Push. Tonight`s music segway....

"A little more than I ever wanted, a little more than you could ever say.......fade away, fade away.....Push just a little to late...."

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