Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday Morning Club Ride

I was a little tardy crawling out of bed this morning. I do mean crawling too. The legs were definitely sore from yesterday`s effort. I considered driving to the shop but figured the 10km out would be a good warmup for the concrete pillars I had for legs.

That was a test as was the rain that started just as I left home. I did consider turning about but figured I`d stick it out. The rain front passed over at the 5km point and it was dry pavement for the rest of the day.

I opted for the second group leaving the shop and enjoyed the fast pace out to Fall River. The legs responded well once they loosened up but the Fall River Hill hurt. Thanks to EW who waited at the crest and let me wheelsuck the descent to Sobey`s.

Jumped in the second group heading out to Laurie Park but ended up on the gravel shoulder as the paceline passed me...we were riding the CW rotation so before I rejoined the paceline I noticed we were missing a rider. Fearing he had a mechanical and no one noticed I turned around to see if I could see him. No sign(he was fine)so I proceeded to Laurie Park alone knowing I could latch on to one of the returning groups.

One kilometre from the park I spied the fast group on the return trip but opted for the second return group. It was a spirited jaunt back to Bedford and eventually was weeded down to 5 riders entering the shop`s parking lot.

My final stats - 30.2 kph over 70km. That includes the slow solo ride up the hills to Clayton Park.Entering Bedford the numbers were 31.9 over 60km. Not bad considering I was nearing incapable of standing this Treated myself to pizza, salad and wine as a reward. It`s why I cycle.

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