Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sunday Morning Musings

It`s rare indeed that I find myself just chilling out on a Sunday morning. It rained all night but is still wet and windy outside so I have no inclination to go for a ride this morning. Here I sit drinking coffee and contemplating actually making some real oatmeal.....not the instant variety. The real "stick to your ribs, so thick your could morter a brick wall with it" oatmeal.

I will do something later today.I`m thinking a mid morning gym workout since it has been awhile since I did any weight training and core work.Thanks to Jim I actually got out for a run this past Thursday. It was an easy pace as he is doing the Navy Triathlon this weekend but it was a good benchmark for me. I did about 5km which is the block of distance I`m focusing upon due to the possibility of doing a duathlon this Summer/Fall.After two runs in 3 days(with a Purcell`s Cove hill training ride between)my legs and lower back felt very good.

Cycling training is going well although I still struggle with the big hills. Had a great club ride on Saturday. Ended up leading out the second group with some strong riders and we pushed the pace over the course of the 60km ride.Legs felt strong and the climb up the Fall River hill was decent(for me).I am seeing improvement on the hills but it is a slow, frustrating process and the deciding factor between my performance and that of the cyclists currently riding at the next level.

Friday was my recovery day so I did enjoy a glass of 2005 Banrock Station Shiraz while soaking up some late afternoon sun on the deck. Very nice selection from an enviromentally aware Aussie vinyard that supports worldwide wetland preservation, including hereabouts in Nova Scotia. As their label states...."Good Earth, Fine Wine."

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