Monday, July 07, 2008

The First Real Hot Weekend of Summer.TdF.

July 5th/6th was a great summer weekend complete with beautiful sunny weather,cycling,food,drink and,of course,the start of the 2008 Tour De France.

Saturday began with a rousing 70km club ride with the majority of it seeing me riding with one of the faster groups on the road. The legs felt strong all day and it was an awesome hammerfest back to Bedford.....hoorah!Home afterwards for some sun on the deck to blend out the "cyclist`s tan" complete with a couple cold beer.Pizza and wine while watching the first stage of the TdF later in the evening. Does it get any better?

Sunday I headed back out to Fall River to participate in the club`s testing of the time trial software for our race on July 13th. Essentially we held a club ITT to make sure our timing system was accurate. I was the holder so didn`t ride the 10K time trial till the end but it was fun. We currently have a time trial series at the club level so this was my second attempt at the course. I`m still playing with my bike fit on the Nebula so my time was a little disappointing. I`ll aim for a better effort on Thursday night.

We were fortunate enough to have a new club member who is also a brillant photographer.Gary Murray came out Sunday to snap some photos. For a self taught photographer he has an excellent portfolio of a variety of Nova Scotian landscapes. I would be remiss if I did not share the links.........

The nature shots are beautiful. Cari/Steve - want some pics of home. Here you go.

(PS - that`s me in the time trial shots looking rather serious leaning on my

It was so nice on Sunday that I diverted to Kearney Lake and joined the family at Maskwa. I`m sure it was a sight to behold me diving into the water in cycling bibs but it was incredible. After a morning of cycling the cool water felt divine. Home to a feed of fresh mussels, a cold beer and day two of the TdF.

What a great weekend!

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