Friday, July 11, 2008

Our Loss is England`s Gain.

With great sadness on Harlington Crescent we said goodbye to Gina, Jordan, Robin and Bradley who moved back to Great Britain to join their father,Sanyo, who returned earlier in the year to resume his medical practice.

It was sad to see them leave as they became close friends to many in the neighborhood and were,in laymen`s terms, wonderful people. We will miss the good company, conversation and friendship. I`m sure the classmates of Jordan, Robin and Bradley will miss their companionship as well. They are three of the finest, polite,gregarious young men you will ever meet.

My thanks to Gina who introduced us to Ghanian cuisine and culture during their short stay here in Canada.We wish you, Sanyo and the boys the best of luck.

You will all be missed!

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