Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tour De Geo Day 5 - The Reckoning!

I reckon that a long day in the July sunshine sure makes a cold beer taste wonderful.
Day five started with coffee and the Tour De France coverage on OLN. It was such a great day we decided to head to Kearney Lake. While the family was getting ready I opted to run out to the Maskwa Rowing club to get in some exercise. Needless to say I forgot to set my watch so I have no idea of my time or distance but it was HOT on the powerline trail.Whew! Once at the lake I proceeded to dive in and the water felt absolutely prime!

Spent the afternoon at the lake getting too much sun but enjoying the cool water. Home for a quick nap then up and on the bike for the 6PM Purcell`s Cove training ride. Considering my run, swim and day in the sun the legs felt strong on the bike. It was probably my best PC ride this season.

Home to grab a shower then off to Applebee`s where I enjoyed a couple cold beers in frosty mugs while watching the sun set over Clayton Park. With the exception of a sun burn on my back I reckon it was a good day.

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Anonymous said...

Life is sounding pretty good for you. I am glad you are enjoying yourself so much and staying so fit. You look great.