Saturday, July 19, 2008

Tour De Geo Day Eight - Saturday`s Club Ride.

The legs were feeling heavy this morning after a hot,humid night of fitful sleep. Humidity and too much alcohol don`t mix well. Regardless I got up and out on the road to make the 9AM start. The 10km warmup ride out to the shop was definitely required to clear both my head and legs.

Jumped into the second(fast)group to leave the shop and rode well on the way out to Fall River. Got dropped on the Fall River Hill(as usual) but recovered on the descent to get latched back on the group. The jaunt out to Laurie Park was rather subdued even though we had another group within sight. Seemed like the lads didn`t have the chase in the legs until,with one kilometre to go,C assumed the pull and dropped the hammer. I was on his wheel and redlined on the small ascent to the park`s entrance.

The ride back to Bedford was a hammerfest. The lads were flying with speeds in excess of 40kph for much of the return trip. I redlined on a couple occasions but managed to recover and stay with the main group until the flat stretch of road past Powdermill lake. Stuck out in the lane I opted to attack the group and only succeeded in pulling J and P to the train tracks where they passed me and flew up the hill. The group fragmented at that point not to be rejoined until the first set of traffic lights in Bedford.

I recorded an average of 31.6kph but that included my slow ride out to the shop. Another rider in our group logged an average of 34+ kph from shop to shop. Nice!Legs feel surprisingly good this afternoon. I`m definitely riding into some good mid season form as of late.

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