Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tour de Geo Day Six - Race of Truth.

Another awesome day here in the Maritimes. Since we all had too much sun yesterday we opted out of the lake today. Instead I used the time to sit in Access Nova Scotia and got my drivers license renewed and did some grocery shopping. Home to scrub the kitchen floor before I headed off to Fall River for the Thursday night time trial.

My previous two attempts at the hilly 10km time trial course were disappointments. Tonight I went in with a different mindset. Rather than take the hills at a moderate pace and then push hard on the easy sections to make up time I opted to follow Chris Carmichael`s advice which was the polar opposite of my technique.

Gleaned from watching the TdF coverage,specifically the first ITT,I pushed hard on the tough sections and recovered on the easy sections. Supposedly this is the best way to recover time. As a result I saw a vast improvement in my time and actually broke the 15 minutes barrier with a time of 14:58 over the 10km course. Other than the fact I seriously redlined on the climbs and thought my heart would implode I was quite pleased with the effort. Hitting the finishline of the race of truth I was pretty much maxed out.

Home to a cold drink on the deck to watch the sunfall.Nice.

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