Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tour De Geo - Final Day. Little Voices.

Heading back to work Monday I had great expectations for today`s scheduled ride around Peggy`s Cove. It would be the first time in at least two years I`ve done the loop and was looking forward to the challenge of riding with the fast boys.

That said I was tired this morning and the little voices in my head said it would be a good idea to chill on the couch with coffee and watch a promising mountain stage of the Tour De France. At 7:45AM I finally made the call and ignored my "little voice" and scooted out the door for a 8:00am rendevous.

Arriving late at the carpool parking lot on St. Margarets Bay road the boys were gone but I spied the tailend of the paceline so I hammered to catch on, successfully I must add. That was an early sprint in a 100km ride.....whew!

The tempo was high and the pace fast. Approaching the Prospect road split I prepared for the first climb of the day and was out of the saddle and pushing hard when I heard a PING. I immediately knew I broke a spoke but continued to the crest not wanting to slow quickly if there was someone on my wheel.

My day was done! There was no way I was continuing at that pace on a warped front wheel. As it was I wrapped the broken spoke around another, let off my brakes and limped home. The wheel was taco`ed but it got me home, albeit, slowly. Guess I got more power than I though torquing the front end on a standing climb. Not often you see a front wheel spoke break.

Alas........there ends the Tour De Geo and my second vacation week of the summer. Broken spoke aside it was a good week.

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