Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dark Chocolate and Red Wine - I`m Back!

The leg is feeling much better today. The cuts are still sore but the numbness and stiffness in the leg is going away.The bruising is starting to paint quite a picture.LOL. Once I get up and moving I`m good to go. No sign of infection and the healing process is well under way. Stitches won`t come out for a week so I`m gonna be in exercise withdrawal for sure. In fact I`m already starting to feel the lethargy arrive. Tomorrow I will go for a good walk and, perhaps some core work on the Swiss ball.I have some hand weights so at least I can work the upper body anyway.

Till then I hunkering down with a carafe of red wine and some premium dark chocolate. I have tried to modify my calorie intake to reflect my lack of exercise but tonight it`s comfort food If anything it will make me sleep.

Monday night I couldn`t sleep much between the pain and the post accident adreneline surge. Last night I did for awhile but awoke at 4AM. My mind was racing with the "what ifs" so I was up and into the coffee. I wonder if this is what post tramatic stress is like? I seem to recall I had the same issues after Garfield`s death and my train tracks crash on a club ride in 2005?

Ok Geo....suck it up and move on.Pass the wine and hand me the chocolate.(wink)

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Anonymous said...

You are one tough nut. I am impressed by the way you handle such things. A good attitude, wine and chocolate, how can you go wrong?