Thursday, August 07, 2008

G`day Mate - A Canuck Goes Aussie!

Yesterday I surprise showed up in the mail, a package of goodies from Down Under compliments of my sister and brother-in-law,Cari and Steve. It was a family birthday gift box with a little something for all of us.

I just had to try the Bush Jerky made out of kangaroo meat. It was good,sweeter than I expected,and not as tough as beef jerky. Arnott`s Tim Tam chocolate biscuits were very good but so decadently rich. I tried one but saved them for the sweet toothed ones in the family.....Chelsea and Josh. Needless to say they didn`t last`s Macadamia chocolate covered nuts were brilliant and Monica`s favorite.

Last night after the gym I decided it was time to try an Aussie staple.....vegemite. I`ve heard lots about it,most of it admittedly negative,but millions of Aussies can`t be wrong? I cracked open the jar of Kraft branded vegemite with no preconceptions. I knew that it was used as a spread on biscuits and breads so I took a Maritime Canadian staple, the saltine cracker, added some vegemite and dug in.

PAUSE FOR EFFECT`s not that bad. In fact the concentrated yeast extract was good. Reminded me immediately of a black Guinness extra stout. After Cari mentioned it was popular on bread with butter I gave that a go and liked it even better. Today I checked out the website ( and found out it is the by-product of beer production. Nice! Guess that explains why i like The best way I can describe it is a spread that is salty, malty with a texture similar to peanut butter. Tonight I tried it on crackers with a slice of cheese. That was good as well.

The fridge magnet of Aussie slang is cute, the Koala soap and pencils in Chelsea`s possession and the Bushland tea heading to the tea pot. I tried the Eucalyptus massage oil on my legs last night after the gym and it felt grand. Not doubt it will be rubbed in again tonight after the sufferfest of the Thursday night time trial.

Thanks Cari and Steve for the treats from Down Under. Much appreciated! For those not in the know C&S are in Brisbane for a work term and have chronicled their adventures via a blog. Check it out......great pics and text.


Cari said...

Yes, leave it to the Aussies to have a breakfast staple that originated from beer;) Glad you guys enjoyed everything! And just in case you're wondering...the beer holder isn't a beer holder, I was informed of the lingo for this one very early on...Aussies love their "stubby holders" :)

George said...

LOL...."stubby holders" Gotcha!Now my next task.....find vegemite here in Halifax. I`m sure some specialty shops have it.

Thanks again.


Cari said...

if you like it and can't find it in halifax, let me know and i can mail you a big jar of it. i can send you the one that you buy in the grocery store here...should last you awhile...