Saturday, August 16, 2008

Vuelta D`Geo - Day One

Started my third grand mean vacation week of the summer of 2008.

I attended the club ride today under ominous clouds anticipating a rousing 70km hammerfest. It was also the Garfield Memorial ride in memory of our clubmate who passed away on a club ride three seasons ago. His widow and son attended the pre ride memorial which was a touching addition to the solemn occasion. His son who was just a newborn at the time of his death was the image of his dad and a handsome lad. He was dressed in his father`s BPCC jersey.

After the memorial service the groups departed as usual. I jumped in with the second group on the road and, despite the rain, felt good on the bike although rather concerned about the train tracks along the route. I can tell you I was pleased to get over the tracks and happy to cycle out of the downpour onto dry pavement.

The legs have been feeling prime the last week as I am finally riding into mid season form.It`s a shame the BNS race schedule doesn`t have more events in late Summer and Fall when I`m in my best cycling shape. I have also been counting calories, paying attention to nutritional details and watching my portion sizes. Add to it the club`s time trial series that is an invaluable training tool and I`m exhibiting my best bike fitness to date.

The ride out to Laurie Park was good and my climb of the Fall River hill in the big ring a pleasant surprise. Switching between the saddle and standing on the steeper pitches of the climb I was amazed at how well I was feeling. The ride back to Bedford was the usual hammerfest with Jose beginning the attacks in Waverley as we approached Rockey Lake road. It immediately shattered the pack with five of us staying in the lead group. The legs remained fresh despite the tempo and I even managed to chase down three flyers off the front and keep in touch on the climbs on the final sprints into town. Nice!

Off to Second Cup for some post ride java, got a bottle of vegemite at Pete`s Fruitique and then cycled home in another torrential downfall. It was an emotional rollercoaster of a day.....Garfield`s memorial,confronting my fears of wet railway tracks, the sheer excitement of riding well and then the tough solo slog home in hurricane like rain.

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Murray Yazer said...

Hey George,

Great post. Really sorry to miss Garfield's ride. Things are well here in Montreal, but we really miss the club.