Monday, August 18, 2008

Vuelta D`Geo - On The Disabled List

Sorry folks......that good form I was exhibiting lately has taken a setback. Believe it or not I was "run" over by a outboard powered boat at Kearney lake today.

Thanks to survival instinct and some serious evasive action I managed to avoid the prop except for my left quad which looks like it was clawed by a bear. I think I have at least 7 cuts ranging from my knee to my hip with two(mid quad) that were wide open and required 17 stiches to close.

I had dove into the water from the dock, did two breast strokes under water and surfaced to see the bow of the boat steaming down on me about ten feet away. I instictively dove to my left and spun myself around to make sure my head and torso were away from the boat and managed to get deep enough to avoid the keel but the prop kicked me pretty hard on the leg as the boat sailed over me.

Reaching down I made sure my leg was still in one piece but felt like I had gills on my quad so I knew I was cut. I swam the 20 feet to the dock telling the lifeguard who was coming to my rescue to get the med kit.

Six hours later after being bumped by 3 cardiac cases and one poisoned child I finally got repaired at the emergency room. So......

.....unfortunately I am out of the club time trial championship and will not be on the bike till the stitches come out in 10 days. I also have to pay close attention to the possibility of infection and can expect some serious bruises and swelling.

Small price to pay cause it could have been tragic had I surfaced a couple seconds later or looking the opposite way and not have had time to react. Yikes!


The Dickinsons said...

Okay, at this moment, Mom's voice comes to mind, except that if I were standing beside you, they'd be coming from my mouth!!! Oh My God George!!!! That is absolutely crazy! I am so thankful to hear that you're okay, with the exception of a couple bad cuts and stiches! Did the boat stop?? He must have been very close to shore?!

George said...

LOL. The things I do to myself. Spend years avoiding cars while on the bike and I get hit by a boat.

He was close to the shore/swimming area for no aparent reason. Needless to say I think the club will take a good look at it`s safety guidelines after this.They better!

westbound said...

that is crazy! Where did this happen?

Anonymous said...

Thank god that you are O.K. I must mention that this has been one of my big fears. Now I sound like Mom. To have it happen certainly doesn't lessen my anxiety level. Oh lord! Take care!!


MurrDogg said...

Man, that is the coolest looking set of wounds I've ever seen! I'm sure they would have dug deeper if your quads weren't so monstrous. The prop on that boat is probably toast!
Heal fast, we'll ride soon!

gaspeddle said...

wow! Geo- that's unbelievable... glad you're okay and taking it all in stride.

gaspeddle said...

sig doesn't help much... it's Jim P by the way!