Sunday, August 17, 2008

Vuelta D`Geo - Peggy`s Cove

Day two of my week off saw the morning cycling around the Peggy`s Cove loop. Under grey and ominous Halifax skies we headed out via Prospect in search of blue skies and sun. I rode with the faster of the two groups, albeit with tight legs from yesterday`s hammerfest. We reached Peggy`s Cove and found sunshine but I was still feeling Saturday`s effort in my legs.

The return trip was equally intense as we in the faster group were chasing the slower group that departed earlier. We were successful in pulling them back about 6km from Tantallon. Just before the intersection and a food/fluid stop at the Irving a rider on my wheel broke a spoke. It was a shame...he was doing his first Peggy`s Cove ride and was riding well. Tough luck....hopefully his girlfriend picked him up without too much of a wait.

I ended up leaving Tantallon in a smaller group of 4 riders and finished the last leg of 20km riding a decent tempo despite my sore legs and cramping quad. Guess I didn`t hydrate enough as the sun arrived with a vengeance and the day became quite warm. Ended up with 94km in the books with a 31.5 kph average.Nice! Home on the deck recovering with pizza, salad and a glass of wine I noticed the bees are back dancing with my Purple Coneflowers again this summer. I gotta admit bumblebees are pretty cool creatures.

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