Sunday, August 10, 2008

Weekend Update - Club Hammerfest and Sambro Loop.

After what seems an eternity of rain and thundershowers we finally had a decent, albeit cooler, weekend. What happened to the dog days of summer hereabouts in the Maritimes?

The Saturday club ride was loads of fun as I rode with the first group and enjoyed the pace and tempo out to Laurie Park. Heading into the infamous diagonal train tracks on the Rockey Lake road I eased up somewhat as I crossed the tracks and, subsequently, got dropped as the lads hammered up the short pitch. No worries as I got in the drops and timetrialed the last couple km`s into Bedford.Averaged 34.3kph back to the shop including the solo jaunt into Bedford

Another advantage of the time trial series and working on my time trial bike aero positioning is I now am much more comfortable cycling in the drops on my road bike.Nice!

Sunday morning I jumped into a 50km ride around Sambro. I opted to ride with the second(slower)group that comprised of four riders. Cudoes to Cynthia and Sophie who rode strong and well with Rob and I.The Sambro loop is rolling hills with newer pavement and is throughly enjoyable on a Sunday morning when the dump truck traffic is a non issue.The moderate pace was a pleasant change and I managed to snap some photos of my fellow cyclists.

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Anonymous said...

Nice! Glad you had a great day on the bike!