Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ahead By A Century......Nope!

Unfortunately I opted out of the Joe Howe century ride today. The weather was prime for a 164km ride with warm Fall temps and sunny skies but it didn`t work out for me. A couple days ago it looked like we had a decent contingent of riders planning on participating but then folk started bailing out for one reason or another.

For me the fun of the Joe Howe is riding with a steady group of cyclists with similar objectives......pacelining the distance aiming at a decent average KPH at the end. My previous JH ended with a 31.6 kph average so I was hoping we could best that this year. Saturday afternoon it was down to just two committed riders so I, regrettably,bowed out as well. The good news is I did manage to get out for some duathlon training. After doing a solo 50km ride around the basin with a decent average(32kph by Lake Bannook, 27.8 overall after cycling through Dartmouth and Halifax) I transitioned at home and did a 3km run. It`s that switch from cycling to running that I dread the most so it will be my main focus heading into the Riverport duathlon in October.

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