Friday, October 24, 2008

Ciao - It`s Friday Night!

In the glass tonight is a 2007 Ruffino Chianti....."famous for it`s fresh bouquet, ruby red color and velvety clean taste....``

Nice!A pleasant red that goes well with all Italian foods, red meats and cheeses. Yummy!

It is a lovely Fall day today and the weather forecast looks prime for the club ride tomorrow morning. I am definitely looking forward to a good leg burner of a ride considering the season is winding down. Will not be too many opportunities left before the winter season sets in.....(sigh).

Till then I am hunkering down with my bottle of Ruffino awaiting the loaf of Italian bread to come out of the bread machine.Bread and wine....does it get better.


The Dickinsons said...

bread and wine...nope i don't think it does get any better!

Anonymous said...

That does sound good. Why don't you send me a bread recipe or two. I have a bread machine and have never used it.