Sunday, October 19, 2008

Riverport Duathlon

I successfully completed my first duathlon today in Riverport under OK weather conditions. Cloudy with sunny periods it remained surprisingly cold. Overall I placed 50th out of 84 competitors and 14/21 in my age group.

Here are my splits.......4km run/28km bike/4km run

68 19:12 4:48 34 53:03 31.7 67 25:53 6:29

I set a personal best on the first run, my bike time was actually better but I had a slow transition that was added to the cycling time and my final run a study of pain and suffering.LOL.

The first run was tough. I had a hard time managing my breathing but thanks to the lady(with the shapely bum)in front of me heading back to transition I was able to "focus" on something other than my gasping and settle in to a better finish.

The transition was not good. I underestimated how hard it is switching footware while standing with gloves on after running 4km.Took me much longer than I planned getting geared up for the bike. Agonizingly slow!

The bike was good. I felt strong but cold. I had perspired on the run so the coolness of the bike chilled me for the first 10km of the cycling course. Perhaps bare legs was not a good choice. I managed to pull back many riders over the 28km loop and, more importantly, hydrate with a bottle and half of fluid. The transition from bike to run was also slower than I expected and I definitely lost time.

The final 4km run started with an descent over the first kilometer so that was helpful but I knew the last kilometer to the finish would have some bite. I also neglected to drop off my spare tube and co2 pump at the transition and felt like I had two bricks bouncing in my jersey pockets.....most annoying. I placed the tube in the centre pocket and actually carried my pump in my hand for the rest of the race. Stupid! Newbie mistake I suppose.

The finish was tough up the gradual hill to the finish but it was nice to hear the encouragement of the crowds and team mates. was a good, albeit hard, day!

I feel pretty good this afternoon but definitely know I did something today. The legs and hips are like concrete. The good news is the lower back seems ok which bodes well for my future of running and duathlons.


Anonymous said...

Not only cannot I not bike or run, I am getting tired trying to leave a comment. If 15 comments show up later you understand I was having problems. Good job, keep up the good work, I do not know how you handle the abuse. I think I will go seach Mom's for adoption papers for me because there can't be any possible way we are related. Take care!

The Dickinsons said...

LOL...I'm going to assume that Carol left that last comment!
Well done Geo! That's great for your first one!

Anonymous said...

I see I can take reading and typing off my can do list. That's what happens when you try to type the same thing 15 times. That Cari is a smart one, eh?

Your adopted sister.