Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekend Update

The Saturday club ride was blessed with an almost perfect Fall day. Sunshine and temps between 6 - 12c. I was quite keen on getting in a late season ride and opted to join the second group on the road.

We started with a nice warmup out of Bedford but then fell into the usual tempo heading to Fall River. Averaging speeds in the 32 - 40kph range we reached the Fall River hill in good pacelining form. As usual the pack busted up on the climb with me trailing on the bottom. As the hill progressed I fell into a good climbing cadence, caught some of the riders who passed me on the bottom and crested the summit with vigor. Nice!

The jaunt out to Laurie Park was good but the legs did feel heavy after the hill climb. No sprint for me at the 1KM to go sign. I hydrated at the turnaround stop and finished a Powerbar. The ride back to Bedford was tough against a moderate headwind but the paceline was tight, fast and fun. Once on Rockey Lake road I was feeling the "love" but managed to stay in contact on the Powdermill Lake hill.

As usual I eased up crossing my nemesis railway tracks and watched some of the lads sprint up the hill.The last set of tracks often represent the unofficial start of the "sprint" to the (Bedford) line. I sat up for the last two kilometers just spinning out the legs as I did have to cycle back to Halifax after the usual post ride coffee. With the slow solo ride home I ended up with with a 70km ride with a 30.2 kph average.

Ball hockey returned on Sunday after I missed last week due to my attendance at the Riverport Duathlon. The opening Sunday was hard and I dropped both games so I was determined to play better this week. Although both games were close(10-8, 10-7) I did manage to backstop the squad to two wins. My record now stands at 2 -2.I got off to a slow start but then did some adjustments and ended up seeing the ball much better and had a solid day in net.

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