Friday, November 07, 2008

Caps and Cabs - It`s Friday Night!

Greetings from a damp,wet and dreary Halifax. Chin up`s Friday night!

In the glass tonight is Barefood`s other selection available in the NSLC, a Cabernet Sauvignon. " A medal winning cab...",says Like it`s sister Shiraz this is a very nice wine at a very nice pricepoint....." A jammy wine with robust flavors of wild berry and currants. Hints of toasted oak and clove enhance the velvety finish."

You can`t go wrong at $11.99 CDN. Barefoot Cellars is definitely one of my fav wine producers.

After my spectacular crash over the infamous Rocky Lake train tracks I ended up losing one of the caps on my Shimano shifters. At some point I lost or misplaced the other cap. This past summer my shifter hoods started to show wear after 6 years and began to look their age. The shifters worked fine but looked rather shabby. Since the shifters are now out of date the vintage spare parts have been tough to locate.

I ended up finding replacements hoods and screws stateside and eventually tracked down the caps in Great Britain at Originally I had considered upgrading my whole component spec but now that the shifters look like new I will postpone any premature expeditures.

Hmmmm......methinks this means I can continue to work on the Nebula ITT bike. I need to replace the crankset with 175MM crank arms and an aero wheelcover from would be prime! Happy Friday!

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