Sunday, November 16, 2008

Weekend Update - Discretion The Better Part of Valor.

Saturday morning brought very mild temps but the roads were wet with foggy conditions. Rain was forecasted for the entire weekend. I admit I debated going for the club ride but in the end I opted for the comfort of the gym and a spin class.

Turns out it was a good call on my part as the first group on the road - the fast group - crashed on the notorious railway tracks on the Rocky Lake road. Having gone down on them before(twice)in wet conditions I fully understand how treacherous they can be on soggy days.

Looking at the list of seven riders in the group,five of whom fell,I discovered that they are the guys I usually ride with so there is no doubt in my mind I would have been with them had I opted to cycle yesterday morning. Whew.....lucky me!Discretion was the better part of valor on my part.

Thankfully no serious injuries other than KB`s shattered wrist which will require surgery....tough luck for him. A lousy way to end the season.That sucks!

Ball hockey saw me playing well again between the pipes today with a good solid effort. Once again I inherited the weaker of the two squads and faced a ton of shots today. Combined with the offensive firepower of the other team and the mild temps I was sweating bullets. We dropped the first game 10-8. The second game started badly with us giving up a 3-0 lead early.We rallied behind(arguably)my best game to date to win 10-8.We were outplayed,out gunned and out shot but managed to steal the game. It was hard....I was feeling the effort and was completely soaked by the end of the day. It was as if I went swimming in goalie gear.

My record now stands at 4-6-1.


Kay said...

Hey you! I was reading about you lusting after a Shimano bottom bracket. I have an Ultegra bottom bracket taking up space in my closet. Along with some slightly scratched Ultegra shifters and an Ultegra 11/27 (I think)cassette. They are yours if you want them.

Kay (aka Applegirl)

George said...

Kay? Is this really you? Nice! It`s been a long time...too long.

So very nice to hear from you....I didn`t know you viewed my blog?

I`m sending you an email....


Kay said...

Yup...I read your blog every week. It's one of my favorite things to do. But that stands to reason as you are (still)one of my favorite people! I confess that when I read about your group rides I take a small amount of proprietary pleasure in it. You, sir, rocketh. ;-)