Sunday, November 30, 2008

Weekend Update - Gym Tri`s and Two on One.

Saturday morning I managed to do a Gym triathlon. I was feeling spry so got to Nubody`s bright and early and had the opportunity to get in quite the workout. Started with a series of core/ab exercises combined with some compound free weights/machine strength training.

Transitioned to the treadmill where I got in a two mile run@6mph until the last kilometer where I upped the tempo to 7mph. All the while keeping an eye on any potential lineup for the usual hour spin class.

Transitioned off the treadmill to my fav bike for a kickass sixty minute hammerfest spin class. Nice!

Showered then out to the bike shop to hang out with some of the lads. It was a good morning.

Sunday it was off to my usual ball hockey sporting my new(to me)gloves. Would it make a difference? I felt good today and was seeing the ball well. Considering my Saturday workout the body was feeling prime. It must have been that bowl of traditional,thick as cement oatmeal with ground flaxseed followed by a Swiss cheese and Vegemite sandwich.The gas tank was full!

Played well in the first game but fortune would have it that the two best players on the other team ended up on the floor against our two weaker players late in the match. The game was tied at 8 but we surrendered 2 goals quickly to lose 10 -8. The winning goal was actually on a two on one as we surrendered yet another odd man rush.

The second match started well....we ended up with a 5-0 lead early but then fell into a funk and gave up the next 6 goals. We rallied with 3 goals to take a 8-6 lead with about 25 minutes to play and then I let in a fluke goal. The ball was shot wide off the net with us leading 8 -7 and I attempted to stop it with my stick. The ball veered off my blade, literally rolled up the shaft and over my shoulder into the net!

We swapped goals and with the score tied at 9 with about 10 minutes left we had our best players on the floor and pressed for the win. Frank played well all day but made a couple huge saves late to deny us a win. Sure enough the shifts were completed and it was a mirror image of the first game. Their strongest players against our weakest. Within minutes it was another two on one breakout resulting in a pass to the open man at the top of the key. A quick snapshot beat me high to the top corner on my glove hand.

Rats! Lost both matches today. My record now stands at 5-10-1. Ugh! It is all for fun and exercise but losing does wear on you after awhile. The new gloves worked well...especially the trapper. The thumb in the blocker is too short so I will snip it open to let my thumb be less cramped. Should do the trick.

Home to pizza and beer while watching football. I`m off tomorrow so It`s back to the gym for a morning spin class to work out the post hockey kinks and knots.

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