Sunday, November 09, 2008

Weekend Update

It was a warm but wet/foggy weekend hereabouts so I opted out of the usual Saturday club ride. With wet conditions, traffic and lots of leaves on the roads I figured it was safer to visit the gym.

Got in an hour spin class, core work, weights and a mile run after the spin class to practice my transitions from bike to the run. I intend to continue participating in duathlons in 2009 so a winter run regimen will be part of my offseaon traning plan.

My shifters look great with the new caps and will look new when I install the new rubber hoods with some new(clean) bar tape for next season. Got my eye on a Shimano bottom bracket to fit my(unused)175mm Ultegra crankarms since a shifter purchase is now not necessary. Currently on the Nebula ITT bike I`m running older Dura Ace 172.5mm square tapered cranks and BB that are not my(prefered)size.

Ballhockey turned out to be my best effort thus far early in the season.It looked grim as the teams were randomly chosen at the start. The opposing squad definitely had the edge in terms of offensive firepower so I fully expected lots of work. I was seeing the ball good, was making the right reads and my teams played very well in front of the net/our end of the gym. Surprisingly we pulled the upset and won the first match 10 -7.

The second game we held an early 3 goal lead but faltered midway under the speed and playmaking skills of the other squad who were playing with more intensity. After being tied at 6 we gave up 4 goals to our 1 for a 10-7 loss.Truth be told we simply ran out of gas in the very warm conditions of the Bloomfield Centre. The last 20 minutes were very tough for me - in full goalie gear I was sweating gallons and began to cramp from dehydration. I was having difficulty moving sideways through the crease and 3 of the last 4 goals I surrendered were cross key passes I was unable to track down.

It was still a good day. My record now stands at 3-5-1. Home to a couple Holstein beers,a shrimp stirfry and some NFL football. Rat` Bills lost again!

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