Friday, December 05, 2008

Baron Phillippe De Rothschild - Friday Night Wines!

In the glass tonight is a 2007 Rothschild Merlot from the South of France....."expresses all the richness of the Pays d`Oc: it displays perfect harmony between fine structure with generous tannins and very ripe red fruit flavors...."

Not sure I completely understand the nuances on any wine but this selection tastes great,has a vivid dark red cherry color and is definitely a pleasure. Nice! Certainly begs me to imbide tonight but tomorrow will be a big training day since family/work commitments have resulted in no activity since Tuesday.Gotta be a good boy...maybe one more glass.(wink)

Christmas tree is up, decorations dragged from the recesses of the basement and my sister in law is here to help decorate. My job is done. Oh wait....I`m the drink maker. The gals are into Appletons Estate rum with eggnog. It`s a long weekend for me as I have Monday and Tuesday off work to use up some vacation days before the end of the year. What shall I do?

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