Sunday, December 07, 2008

Weekend Update Part 2 - Hard Won Gains

Saturday morning I managed to get in another gym duathlon;a one mile run,sixty minute high intensity spin class followed immediately by another one mile run. Add to it some core training and it was a productive morning.

Ball hockey went well considering I arrived direct from Seaview Park after photographing the Provincial Cyclocross race soaked,cold and hungry. The first game I suffered through some early soft goals. At one point we were being outplayed and down 6-2. The squad rallied to tie at 9-9 only to lose on a soft goal. Troy took a slap shot from 30 feet out and,in an attempt to cut down the angle, I let the ball through my pads while moving. Damn!I should have set my feet sooner and squared to the shooter.It was a heart breaker to lose after such a nice comeback.

The second game started badly. Within 20 minutes we were down 5-0. I was actually playing better but so was the other squad. I got angry and was determined to play least not give up the "cheap" goals.It worked and thanks to some timely saves we found ourselves back in the game at 5-4. We ended up exchanging goals and were down 8-6 with 15 minutes remaining. I was playing solid nets by this point and held us in the game until we tied the match at 9-9 with 5 minutes remaining. We ended up scoring on the last rush of the game with time literally running out.I`ll take the split and will take some hard won gains from the day.

My record now stands at 6-11-1.

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