Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Canine Companions For Independance

A good friend and fellow cyclist(Kay)volunteers with CCI training service dogs for the disabled. In my inbox I was pleased to discover a picture of her latest trainee.Look at the size of those paws. Training must be hard work when a bookshelf makes a bed and a book a What a great picture!

"The technical term for them are service dogs for the disabled and they do everything from picking up stuff and getting things off counters to pulling wheelchairs and turning on lights. Heck....Travis'(K`s son)dog does his laundry (swear to God). There's a great video on You Tube called CCI:Driving Forward that shows a lot of the training. Spread the word far and wide....somewhere out there is a person who is a dog away from a more normal life."

Here is their website....

Great stuff K!Keep up the good work!!!!

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