Friday, January 30, 2009

Shiraz Cabernet; It`s Friday Night!

In the glass tonight is a Lindeman`s 2008 Shiraz Cabernet. It possesses..." rich plum and blackcurrent flavours with a smooth finish."

This Aussie offering is delicious as is the price. I picked up this 750ML gem at the NSLC with a sale(?)listing of $9.99(CDN).Nice!Methinks I`ll be heading back tomorrow for a few more bottles.Enjoyable now it cellars well over the next three years although I doubt I would leave it that long.(wink)

Hits the spot after a long week at work and a tough week of activity. I got a slash upon the top of my foot last Sunday at ball hockey and it has been swollen and extremely sore all week. Factor in the bruised knee I was hobbling about this past week. Last night I played goal for another group and was disappointed when only 5 guys showed up to play. We ended up playing 3 on 2 with me backstopping the team of two. Needless to say I was busy facing nothing but 2 on 1`s and about 2 dozen breakaways. At one point I attempted to slide across the crease to stop a one timer and heard an audible "crack" as I twisted my body. was one of those moments that seemed like an eternity waiting for the sudden spasm of pain but, fortunately,there was none? The sound reminded me of the snap heard during an adjustment at the chiropractor so I guess I just popped the spine during the stretch?

Spin class in the AM and a rest day on Sunday. With the Superbowl festivities and lots of "no shows" we opted to not play which works for me.

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