Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weekend Update - The Body Is a Temple

I must be getting old when the discovery of a new foodsource makes me happy.(wink) Thanks to Adrien`s advice I bought some organic Quinoa(Keen-wa)at the bulk barn and made a couple meals this weekend.

A grain from the Andes Mountains of South America this ancient grain was a mainstay of the Inca civilization. Unique in the plant world it contains complete protein and a near perfect amino acid balance.It also is a good source of fiber,complex carbs,calcium,phospherous,iron and vitamins B&E.

Once prepared(by simmering in water)it has a texture like a combination of rice and oatmeal and possesses a nutty flavor. I used it this weekend as a rice substitute in stirfrys and it was delicious.Should be good for anyone with a gluten allergy and for vegans concerned about getting the proper amount of complete proteins. A keeper in my kitchen!

Speaking of proteins I have also started using a Whey Protein Isolate powder to supplement my diet.I have never been much of a carnivore and often experience discomfort after consuming meats...especially red meat. As an active,athletic individual I should be getting anywhere from 120 - 150 grams of protein daily to help recovery and repair(based on activity level and body weight).Whereas my diet is now becoming more plant based the Whey powder and Quinoa should help balance my protein requirements.

Saturday morning found me at the gym where I managed to squeeze in an hour spin class,three kilometre treadmill run and core work with the Swiss and medicine ball.The snowstorm notwithstanding I got out for my Sunday ballhockey where I lost both matches. The opposing squad was the better team so the final scores of 10-8 and 10-7 were not a surprise. In both matches we kept it close early but the superior team skills of the other squad wore us down especially when the fatique factor set in late in both matches. My second half record now stands at 1-3.

I`m feeling better as my course of antibiotics will be completed tomorrow. I must admit that being free of my caffeine addiction from complete avoidance of coffee these last 10 days does feel nice.As part of my recovery process(urethretis)I have investigated the nutritionary concepts of acid/alkaline balance and how the food you eat can dictate whether your body is in an acidic state(unhealthy)or a slightly alkaline one(normal). I`ve learned that lemons,organic apple cider vinegar and unpasturized honey are superfoods.Going forward they have also become staples in my diet.

Things I now know......

Drink lots of water. Add fresh lemon juice and wedges to add some flavor(if needed) and get the benefits of the amazing lemon.Have a glass of lemon water first thing every morning.Your body will thank you.

Avoid sugars.....especially the artificial ones. No better than rat poison.Need something sweet? Use Stevia(natural sweetener)or(my fav)unpasturized honey.

I like coffee! That said I don`t like the addiction so I will incorporate tea(both black and green)into my daily routine to limit my caffeine intake.

Having experienced my first prostate exam during my urethretis diagnosis I subsequently researched the prevalence of prostate problems in males. To that end I was happy to find out my consumption of almonds,sunflower and pumpkin seeds(I call it Geo`s Mix)are all prostate friendly superfoods as is moderate amounts of red wine.
Post script - I store my Geo`s Mix in a jelly bean jar. Oh...the irony.(wink)

The old proverb goes...."You are what you eat." Treat your body like a temple,make smart choices and strive for balance.


The Dickinsons said...

really great tips! Hope you're feeling better...

easterkay said...

You might want to try soy protein as well. Whey protein produces amonia in the muscles about 30 minutes after ingesting so don't drink it before working out. I use the soy powder from e-caps (hammer nutrition products) mixed with low fat milk, ice and some fruit for a whopping 31 grams of protein per serving. Glad to hear you are feeling better!