Monday, January 05, 2009

Weekend Update - Welcome to 2009

Happy New Year!

Well the 2008 holiday season is over....good riddance. My dietary excesses the last couple weeks have left an unwanted legacy of a weight gain but,more seriously,a painful case of urthretis. After a self diagnostic(isn`t the internet grand)I had it confirmed with a visit to the doctor. Unlike a UTI I have no symptoms of any infection or prostate issues but rather the sharp discomfort of an inflamed urethra....ouchie!

I have a prescription of antibiotics but have refrained from taking them as there is no sign of infection and the side effects are lengthy.Instead I will try and manage the inflamation by switching to an alkaline diet which should alleviate the burning sensation of acidic urine over an overly sensitive urethra until it can heal.

Therein lies my working theory as to why I developed this in the first place. I`m usually quite regimented with my dietary habits but fell off the wagon the past two weeks. Not only did I get away from my usual sound nutritional practices but I ended up eating/drinking foods I usually avoid. This would include the abundance of holiday treats,baked goods,meats,sweets and an assortment of alcoholic beverages. All of these are considered acidic forming foods and a far cry from my usual(but unintentional)alkaline based diet.

Could my dietary flip flop have caused a sudden increase in acidic urine which irritated my urinary tract or compounded an existing problem stemming from exercise or enviroment? Further research does link non infectious urthretis with damage caused by sports,sexual activity and enviroment; detergents,soaps,colognes and perfumes. Go figure? I have stopped using my new aftershave I got for Christmas and will start wearing my cycling specific shorts(with a chamois)for spin classes as a precaution.

The hardest task is avoiding acidic forming foods,specifically coffee,dairy,wine and chocolate. All my favs and all high on the scale of bladder irritating substances. All I will admit I consumed with complete disregard the last couple weeks. Guess I`m paying for my excesses now.Through diet,lots of(sugar free)fluids and the use of baking soda and apple cider vinegar I am already feeling`s now just a question of time for healing.

That said regular activity is recommended as long as you don`t compound the inflamation. I managed to do the hour spin class on Saturday with no further ill effects and the second half of the ball hockey season began yesterday. I played OK and it felt good to sweat. Ended up spliting the games so my second half record stands at 1-1.

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