Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Sweep And The Iditalake

Although scheduled to play out today at ball hockey I was informed that one of our goalies broke a toe and was out of action. Back in nets I went and ended up having my best day yet this season. I was seeing the ball well and ended up sweeping the day with three wins.

The first game was close,ending in a 10-9 win. The second match found us down 3-0 but we rallied to win 10-4 backstopped by my best game this season. The third match we won with a 5-2 lead as time expired. It was a good day and improved my overall second half record to 6-7.

In the morning I mangaed to get out to my second viewing of the Iditalake race series hosted by Bicycles Plus. Essentially it is short track speed skating combined with MTB criterium bike racing. A neat concept it has cyclists racing on the frozen lake surface using studded tires in short heats that eventually results in a final race of four riders.

As always I had my cameras and got some shots. Gotta tell you the sound of studded bike tires on ice is pretty cycling on a layer of corn flakes.

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