Sunday, February 08, 2009

Weekend Update - Back In The Nets

After a couple weeks away from Sunday hockey I returned today feeling prime and ready to go. The warmup went well which is a sign I "got game" which continued into the first match.In terms of team speed we had the slower team but had the best playmaker and one of the top defensemen. The first game was a back and forth affair with us winning 10-9.

The second match we found ourselves down 5-2 early and 9-6 late but rallied to tie the game at nine all. Unfortunately a two on one breakout resulted in me giving up the winning goal after the opposing player froze me with a feint then chipped it past my outstretched goalie pad.

We managed to squeeze in a third match and we chalked up the win with a 3-1 score when time expired.Sweet! After a dismal start to the second half of the season the break was good and I returned feeling refreshed and better about my game. My second half record now stands at 3 -7.

I did fill in for another squad on the last couple Thursday nights and was invited back as a regular player for the remainder of the season as both a goalie or playing out. I`m looking forward to playing out on a regular basis as it is a good cardio workout.....picture the speed of hockey on a basketball court with no whistles. It`s pretty much full out, interval training for 90 minutes.

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