Saturday, April 18, 2009

BPCC Saturday Club Ride - April 18 2009

Under sunny skies but cool temperatures(2C) I departed for the morning club ride.As in previous Springs I have developed the same nagging tickle in my upper chest. It feels like a feather stuck just above my diaphram. The lungs are OK but I have a tightness and dry cough. It`s most annoying.Could it be an allergy?

Dispite the cough I cycled out to the shop and joined in the second group on the road. It was a nice easy warmup pace to the Fall River hill. The climb was decent considering my tight chest and the legs felt strong.

At Sobey`s I jumped into another group heading out to Laurie Park against a pretty strong headwind. We were riding the CCW rotation which became rather skittish as holding one`s line and pulling off the front became an issue combined with the heavy traffic flow. I was glad to make Laurie Park.

Leaving Laurie Park all the groups kinda got mixed as everyone departed at the same time. There was a string of riders which wasn`t a good thing on that busy stretch of pavement. I was off the back riding alone when I saw V and K break off the front and form a gap. I wasn`t planning on riding with the fast boys but was feeling game for some speed so I accelerated pass the line of riders on a flat section of road.

As expected a couple other fellas followed my lead and we found ourselves in a group of six riders really hammering towards Fall River. My legs felt good, no doubt the tailwind helping substantially. In the group was K,V,E,G,J and myself. Glancing down at my computer we were maintaining a 38-45kph pace. Wow......the CW rotation was working well and it was fast and fun. At some point we dropped E, who was riding his old bike and was having some mechanical issues. G was on his fendered winter bike but,surprisingly,dropped off once we were on Rockey Lake road.He`s super strong so that was completely unexpected.I managed to hang on to the group but that nasty little climb past Powdermill Lake and the subsequent false flat saw me off the back. I managed to get within six bike lengths but then J assumed the pull heading on the flat approach to the tracks and the pace and crosswinds prevented my return to the group.

Got in the drops and soloed back to the shop. Enjoyed a post ride coffee and chat at Tim`s then cycled home via the Bedford highway. Overall it was a good day on the bike. My early season form is decent and I`m happy with my performance. If only I could climb the big A work in progress.

Geo`s thumbs up....
AA brought out her new Giant road bike for it`s first club ride.(See pic) Sweet bike!
K,J and V for making me work on the run back into Bedford.Getting dropped isn`t a bad thing if you still push hard off the back. Makes you stronger.

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