Sunday, April 26, 2009

Final Week Of Sunday Ballhockey

The last Sunday of ball hockey was today under glorious warm and sunny temps. I should be riding my bike not playing hockey in a gym. That said being goalie means I play free but it comes with a committment of playing. Without a goaltender gym hockey sucks.

I strapped on the gear, sweating profusely just thinking how hot it will be in the gym. I inherited the weaker squad so I knew it would be a tough slog defending the goal. The first match was close until we gave up 3 quick goals to lose 10-7. With only 25 minutes remaining we started the second game and held a 2-0 lead until the last 10 minutes when we collapsed and gave up 3 consecutive goals.

In both games we didn`t have any finish.....once the lads got tired and stopped backchecking the superior speed and ball handling skills of the other team won the matches. I played well today and saw a definite improvement in my goaltending skills over the last half of the season. My second half record ends with a 23-16-1 record. My record for the 2008/09 season is 43-29-2 with 414 goals for and 390 goals against.

I`m now free to focus on my cycling with the addition of Sunday training rides. Nice!

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