Saturday, May 23, 2009

BPCC Saturday Club Ride - May 23 09

Under glorious sunny skies the Saturday club ride departed the shop this morning with a nice turnout of riders. I jumped in the second group leaving Bedford as my ride out indicated I didn`t have good legs today.Felt like concrete posts to be honest.

It was a nice easy pace for the first leg that included a jaunt through Fall River Village. Just what I needed to prepare for a harder effort heading out to Laurie Park. That said my attempt of a sprint came up pretty flat so the legs were still somewhere else. It`s good being a man and a nature break in the woods meant I didn`t have a full bladder on the return trip. The departing group was too large considering the traffic so PD, AB and I dropped off to form a separate group. Joined by P? our group of four had an excellent synergy, good communication and solid pacelining even in the late morning traffic. You gotta love a fast, fun and steady paceline! It`s a thing of beauty!

Including my cycle home after coffee at Tim Horton`s I ended up with 72km in the books with a 29.8kph average. Not to bad considering I didn`t have strong legs and struggled to turn the cranks for most of the ride.

Geo`s thumbs up...

SMc for getting out for the club ride. Way to go S! Good to see you back in the fold.
KT and SM for pulling my sorry arse back to Clayton Park.Sure beats climbing it solo.

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