Monday, July 13, 2009

Giant TCR Advantage 1 - Geo Takes The Plunge

It`s official folks....I`ve got a new race bike. I was planning on picking up a new ride during the winter but BikesPlus had a Tour De France sale on this month and had one left in my size. A full carbon frame with a complete 10 speed Ultegra groupset it was to sweet to refuse, especially since it was on sale.

My company share program was set up in 2006 as my new bike fund and was doing great till October 2008 when the stock market imploded and my shares decreased in value by 70% by March 2009. They have rebounded somewhat so I will sell a portion this month to finance my bike purchase.Till then the bike remains at the shop being held by my deposit.

My venerable Devinci Silverstone will remain in my stable as my bad weather, winter bike now that it has had a midlife drivetrain upgrade that included a new chain, cassette, crank and all purpose tuneup.

My issue now is figuring out a new excuse explaining why I `m still getting dropped now that I can`t blame it on the bike...hehehe(wink).


MurrDogg said...

Well, if you must get dropped, it might as well be in style! :D

westbound said...

got any rides in your basement for sale?

The Dickinsons said...

Dude, nice ride. I looked at the Advantage and fell in love, but the Aussie $4500 price tag was too much for me. (everything here is more expensive)