Saturday, July 25, 2009

Nannie Gilmore And Giant Advanced 1

We got the call last night at 1:30(ish)that Nannie Gilmore passed away in her sleep after a courageous battle against cancer. A strong woman possessing a keen intellect and a heart of a lion she battled on after falling in the Spring and the resulting diagnosis of cancer. Living on nothing but ginger ale and small amounts of Boost it was amazing the strength she exhibited in her remaining days. Etta Gilmore was ninety eight years old. Goodbye Nannie.You will be missed but not forgotten.

I decided today was the day to pick up my new bike after attending the TdF morning at the shop watching the stage to Ventoux. Since the morning was misty and wet some of the lads opted for a later day ride so I jumped in for my inaugural ride on the new bike. It did not disappoint - the carbon frame was super stiff with a beefed up head tube and bottom bracket but had a smooth pleasant ride. Rough pavement and train tracks no longer threatened to pop out my fillings. Nice! Managed to get in 70 kilometres with a 31kph(ish)average.

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