Thursday, September 03, 2009

Back In Service - Schwinn Mesa GS

I`m not sure why it took so long but I started to cycle commute to work. My intentions were to use my Devinci road bike but I just fear it being stolen.It then occurred to me to use my old mothballed Schwinn MTB that was just taking up space in the basement.

Other than the big Panaracer XC tires it would be perfectly suited to city commuting, no big loss if it was stolen and quite capable of shuttling me to and from work. In fact it would be a good workout climbing the hills of Fairview on the return home.

Purchased a laptop bag when I bought my Dell and never used it until this week. It makes the perfect backpack with the single wide strap and ergonomic design. Quite comfortable slung over my shoulder it has enough room for a change of clothes,some personal effects and my lunch. On the bike it is supported by my lower back and works like a charm.

Having cancelled my gym membership it will add another element to my offseason training with some cycling to compliment my winter running plans. On days where it is simply to wet,cold,icy or snowy I can always opt for Metro Transit.

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