Sunday, January 10, 2010

2010 Winter Nutritional/Training Plan

Having survived the holiday season and all the extra calories it entails without self destructing too much it`s time to start Spring training in January to prepare for the upcoming cycling/duathlon season.

Once I finished the last beer in the fridge January 3 I am now off the brew to avoid the needless extra calories over the winter months. Having gained about 10 pounds since the first of December it was time to reign in the questionable dietary habits.

Research has shown that protein consumption in the morning for breakfast satiates one for longer and helps mitigate the urge for snacking during the day.It also cuts out excessive carbohydrate intake when you(I)don`t need it.....sitting at a computer all day.Not very condusive to weight loss.

As a result I have begun to add lean protein sources to my breakfast regimen; eggs,dairy and whey protein powder and have limited the breads and cereals.I have noticed a difference and no longer find myself starving by 10:30AM craving a cinnamon roll,cookie or some other high caloric food.Two ounces of Geo`s Mix(sunflower/pumpkin seeds mixed with almonds,cashews and peanuts)and/or fresh fruit means I am good till lunch when a salad is my usual fare; usually baby spinach with fresh tomatoes, cukes and mushrooms. I usually add some protein in the form of seafood(tuna, shrimp or salmon)or grated cheese. A cup of green tea afterwards gets me through the rest of the work day happy and contented.

In the evenings it is just a case of portion control and discipline not to over eat as I do need to make supper for the kids. So far so good.I`m doing well avoiding the breads(which is my weakness)and overly processed supper foods. A glass of 1% milk with some whey protein powder helps keep the late evening snacking at bay as does a glass of red wine.

Probably the biggest challenge will be maintaining some kind of training plan. I closed my gym membership in the Spring(since I rarely went between May - October) and my plan going into the winter was to supplement home workouts with ballhockey(twice weekly)and winter running/cycling.

Ballhockey is progressing well.Thursday nights(90 mins)and Sunday afternoons(120 mins)of high intensity exercise.

My running became sporatic in December but I am aiming to do at least one(4km+)run weekly with the hope of doing conditions pending.With the purchase of a new road bike I now have the opportunity to convert my old bike into a winter bike.My opportunities to cycle will be limited to Saturdays and will also be dependant upon the road conditions. Cold temps are not the fear but rather snow and ice on the pavement. If the roads are clear and dry and the windchill is tolerable I am good to go.

Home workouts with the help of both a Swiss and medicine ball are primarily geared towards core strength and overall body conditioning.

I intend to start bike comuting to work come Spring but if I can manage to purchase a suitable bike beforehand(it`s all about money) I may start sooner especially if the winter remains so agreeable. I`m leaning towards a hardtail MTB which will let me commute, trial ride and race cyclocross but all options remain on the table. A new bike would be prime but I`m also considering a good used bike as well.

So I am hoping that the refocus on nutrition and good dietary practices combined with a more versatile exercise plan encompassing an assortment of activities will see me through the next couple months in good stead.Time will tell.


Zuzka said...

Sounds like a good plan and it seems like you have a good hold of it:)

I've noticed that you are looking into joining the mtb world. You'll love it (at least I think you will). I am so glad I finally gave it a try. It’s definitely a lot of fun and it posses new challenges. Plus, it's great in the winter time - as long as it is below zero. Trails are nice and hard, which makes them easier to ride, bike stays nice and clean, and the wind-chill is nonexistent. I don’t know if anyone starts in the winter time but, if it was me, I wouldn’t want to wait till the spring.

The Dickinsons said...

Hey George,
Sounds like we're on the exact same diet....
Try this for brekkie...

Steve's brekkie shake.
(a dollop is a spoon full)

- 1 raw egg
- 1 dollop of honey
- 2 dollops of plain yogurt
- 1 banana
- half cup of frozen berries.
(I usually get frozen raspberries and blue berries)
- 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder
- 2 cups milk

Put it all in a blender and munch it up for 30 seconds. Cari and I both have only this for brekkie every morning, its awesome. I have it after big work outs too.

Do you have a fluid trainer at home for your bike? Highly recommend one. Put your laptop on a table in front of it so you can watch a movie and spin till your butt falls off. I find when I ride with a group, I don't really get a honest workout (drafting, down hills, coasting etc...) A fluid trainer removes all that. Money well spent.