Sunday, March 14, 2010

Grill Kits and Almond Breeze

Picked up a couple products recently that enhance both my car and my diet.I have used protein powder for some time in the past as part of my recovery/training and would mix it in milk. Having quit dairy I was in a bit of a to mix up the powder? Thanks to LP and our post club ride discussion yesterday I picked up vanilla and chocolate almond milk.Made from real almonds, sugar free, low sodium and high in calcium it is the perfect lactose free dairy substitute and is excellent for protein drinks or smoothies.Not to shabby in coffee either.Paleo friendly to boot.

Surfing through Ebay I discovered a grill kit for my Caliber. I`ve always been a fan of the Dodge crosshair grill and these 3M adhesive chrome moldings definitely improve the look and style while being relatively inexpensive and easy to install.Nice! Check out the before and after pics.


The Dickinsons said...

What protein powder do you use? It's hard to find one that isn't whey, and obviously dairy free is the goal!

George said...

Yup. Egg protein would be the best Paleo choice but I`m not that rigid. For me it`s more a balance between availability,quality and convienence.

Can`t quite remember the name of the one I`m using is whey based but mixes up smooth and possesses excellent quality ingredients. Most importantly it doesn`t feel like your drinking liquid chalk.(wink)

Anonymous said...

Geo - you're supposed to spend all your money on the bike, not the car LOL! Jim