Saturday, March 27, 2010

Paleo Spring - Nutritional and Performance Update

Heading into my 3 month anniversary of my Paleo experiment I must admit that it has been a success. I`m consistantly weighing in under 200lbs,have noticed a dramatic change in my body composition,specifically around my midsection and have successfully weaned myself off of salt,processed foods,grains,legumes and dairy.

That said I acknowledge the fact that my cycling may require some flexibity in regards to my diet and I may adapt some of the recommendations from Paleo Diet For Athletes once I get into the demands of the cycling season.

I apply the concepts of Paleo nutrition more as a guideline rather than an absolute. In some cases it is a combination of cost,convienence and availability.As a result I do incorporate some foodstuffs that would be considered a grey area for the Paleo purists but offer substantial nutritional benefits or act as "comfort" foods. Included is the following...

Lewis Mountain Sauerkraut(unpasturized)= probiotics)
Canned(in olive oil/water)seafood(tuna,sardines,salmon and herring fillets)= Omega3.
Coffee cream/blend = Occasional cup of coffee(I can`t drink it black).
Salad dressings(canola based)= adds some variety of flavors to my daily salads.
Red wine = comfort food plus antioxidents(including Resveratrol).
Canned beets = convienence and health benefits outweighs sodium %.
Organic apple cider vinegar(with Mother)= my morning tonic mixed with low sodium V8.
Whey protein powder = convienence
Cosman and Whidden honey(local/unpasturized)= occasional treat/comforf food.

I`m feeling good heading into the 2010 cycling(racing)season despite my neck/shoulder issues. Therapy is helping and heading into week three of my eight week stabilization plan I am showing results.Tendinitis issues in my elbows have improved and I`m seeing advancements in my posture. I`m scheduled for an ergonomic assessment of my work station to confirm my current positioning is correct.I am also a candidate for orthotics to help prevent my reoccuring subluxations.

Unfortunately I have placed my participation in the 2010 duathlon series on hold pending the conclusion of my therapy and the pending use of orthotics. My run training has ceased for the time being as I do not want to sabotage any improvements through the rigors of running. I will re-evaluate at a later date.

Having signed on as BNS Male Athlete Rep(for road racing for 2010 I was part of the committee who have agreed to try ability based racing this season.Enabling training partners to race together in ability based packs(as opposed to age based Cats)we hope to rejuvenate the local race scene. By also adding a "competition lite" sport Cat we also hope to attract experienced club cyclists into the racing scene.With average speeds/distances more condusive to those cyclists who do not have the time nor desire to train at a high(er)level we hope to make racing more attractive to everyone.


Don Wiss said...

Well, I don't consider coffee to be paleo. Green or white tea would be better.

But I'm really posting to point out that you can drink coffee black. It all is a matter of weaning. I would say use a two week period (or maybe longer if you don't have a daily cup). Each time very gradually reduce your coffee cream/blend. With the gradual reduction you will barely notice it.

Anyway, here is how I define the diet:

George said...

Thanks Don. 90% of my hot beverages are teas(Earl Grey, green and white)

Coffee is just an occasional treat . That said I have been using Almond Breeze(at home)as a cream substitute.That works and is paleo(unsweetened version).

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