Thursday, March 25, 2010

That`s Gonna Leave A Scar!

Are scars natural tattoos representing a life well lived or simply a life of misfortune? They all impart a story, be it in reference to accidents,surgeries or sporting injuries.I added to my living tapestry tonight at ball hockey.

Angling off an opposing player I anticipated his slapshot and moved into his path to sweep away the ball. Unfortunately his follow through brought his stick down upon my exposed right leg and impacted with blunt force upon my soccer shin pad and sock.Hurt like a beaotch but I was able to walk it off and soon got back to the business of playing. Isn`t exercise induced endorphins a wonderful thing!

It was not until after the game in the locker room that I realized I was actually cut upon my shin. The shin pad and heavy cotton soccer sock had absorbed the blood so I was unawares of the injury.

Needless to say it will leave a scar and another calcium deposit upon my lower leg.Since there was very little flesh above the shin bone the cut was more like a crush injury brought on by the blunt force of the hockey stick. Regardless of pressure I was unable to stop the seeping blood so had no choice but to self stitch the deepest part of the incision.It was late and bleeding over the bedsheets was not an option.

Having soaked a sewing needle and thread in Wyborowa vodka I managed to get the stitch placed and then covered the area in antibiotic cream and gauze. By George...I think it worked. Consider it rudimentary first aid but having specific suture needles and thread would be a good addition to any med kit as would the new style pressure bandages now on the market.

The things I do to myself and the sacrifices I make for my sports.I guess I should investigate the purchase of Mylec ball hockey specific shin pads that offer much improved protection from injury incurred from both ball and stick impacts.


Anonymous said...

My God Dr. George, you must be related to Dr. Emily of Buckfield. Hope all is well with you guys, I think of you often. God, I sound like an old woman now.

Love Carol Lu-Lu

The Dickinsons said...

Oh my goodness...I was just about to write that he was his mother's son when I saw your comment! hehe;)

George said...

You guys are funny.