Sunday, April 25, 2010

Saturday Club Ride - April 24 2010

I know the blog has been more of a nutritional/wellbeing one as opposed to "adventures in sport" as advertised.Between the chiro treatments and my subsequent lack of running I have been taking it easy the last couple months doing the occasional club ride, commuting to work and playing ball hockey.

That said Sunday ballhockey is ending today and Thursday hockey has one week remaining so I`ll then switch over to more cycling activities. Sunday`s will be free for longer efforts on the bike and I`m planning on riding the Wednesday night MTB rides at Spider Lake. With the weather improving I`ll also be carrying the camera in the jersey pocket for more "on the fly" pictures.

Paleo nutrition has worked well for me but the litmus test will be how well I recover from back to back training rides and more time spent on the bike. I did put my fitness to the test this Saturday by jumping into the 50 km club ride with the faster group of riders. Over a rolling hill route the legs felt good, stamina was excellent and I felt good on the bike. It was a hard effort right from the start and the body responded well to the tempo. I ended the ride with a 32.1 kph average which is exceptional for April.My early season form is now at my usual peak season form(August/September). Considering I have not really started my bike training in earnest that bodes well for my fitness come this summer. With the switch to Ability based racing and my early season fitness I`m definitely looking forward to the 2010 cycling season.

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