Friday, June 18, 2010

Commuting. The New Race Training?

Good Lord! Hard to believe the Provincial road race championship is this coming weekend! Held along the scenic Lahave river the Riverport event is one of my favorites but I'm far from(feeling)race ready.

Have not been doing a whole lot of cycling lately. Most of my riding has been commuting to and from work with a longer ride in Saturdays. It will be interesting to see how I feel doing 80(ish)race kilometers on Sunday.

Managed to compete in two of three races this season and have had best performances in both so, maybe, Riverport will be no different. In a masochistic sense I'm looking forward to the one big climb on the course to see how well I manage the three climbs this year. In previous races I always get dropped on Grimm's hill.Always!

Lets hope the daily commute home via the Fairview/Clayton Park hills are,in fact, disguised hill intervals and the shorter efforts of commuting will see me through races. Time will tell.

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