Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Price of "Going To The Net"

 As much as I love the game (ball) hockey can be a painful and physically demanding game even if it's just pickup fun competitive sport. Going to the slot after passing the ball to the far point looking for a deflection I got sticked in the face. Post accident I found out it was the butt end of the goalie's stick as he moved to make the save. The stick impacted me above the eye on the top of the eye socket adjacent to the bridge of the nose. Snapped my head back pretty good !

 Once I got the bleeding stopped I continued to play as the adreneline and endorphins kicked in and it was nothing worth quitting for.......(wink). That said it was quite sore on Friday and today it has begun to bruise quite nicely. This is the second week in a row I got clipped around the eyes so I think someone is sending me a message that my mouth guard is good but I need protective eyeware as well. Duly noted.

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